High VG

Available in 0/3/6 mg
Royal Crush

Tangy grape with the kiwi/pear taste of dragon fruit - mixed with subtle hints of mint. It has a grape soda kind of "feel" to it.


The aromas of a carefully aged Bourbon in roasted wood barrels,mixed with the flavors of a rich vanilla cream. A recipe inspired by the prohibition era.

Blue YumYum

Welcome to muffin land , This perfect blue berry muffin with a hint of melted butter will surely make you vape more and more .


The legendary apple pie right out the oven , this classic will bring you back into the past and make you watch American pie .


Rich cream drenched in caramel topped with crunchy peanuts.

Don Pistachio

Gently blended caramelized tobacco drizzled in a pistacchio cream.

Cuzzin Vinny

Fresh from the oven, Warm melted white chocolate macadamia nut cookie